Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The UltraConscious Mind

The Ultra-Conscious Mind

The concept of the ultra-conscious mind. There’s a conscious part, which we use, control (so to speak) and know about generally. Then there’s a subconscious part with records EVERYTHING we see, hear, smell, feel, sense- basically everything we experience. This database of information is hard to tap into but can be done so by using hypnotism, meditation and with the help of drugs. If we learn how to consciously tap into our subconscious, we can, in effect, recall everything we have ever seen in our lives. For example, we can recall ALL the cars we have ever seen, complete with colour, model and license plate number. The brain is capable of storing STAGGERING amounts of information without us even knowing… in a way.
Then comes the concept of the ultra-conscious mind. Call it that, call it greater knowing, call it sub-subconscious, it’s all the same thing.  The ultra-conscious is hard to define. It is a conscious mind which thinks about EVERYTHING that we experience, and doesn’t let any of it slip to our subconscious or conscious mind. It is a mind within our mind that processes information on its own accord and creates visual or auditory effects for things we know about but have not yet experienced. An example of such a thing is death.

It is true that we can not imagine or dream about anything other than things we have already experienced. Our dreams may seem very out of the blue and not even remotely close to reality. Then how do we dream it? The answer is simple…ish. Our ultra-conscious thinks about things we see everyday and creates an illusionary world out of them, randomly connecting two things from reality (for example, flying, and a house). Those two things separately make sense and stay well within the realm of reality. On the other hand, a flying house?! How stupid is that? But, your ultra-conscious has made that combination.

Dreams seem bizarre because we merely haven’t thought about the combination of those things consciously.
The ultra-conscious takes everything you have ever experienced in your life and puts all of them together in every possible combination, thus making the most improbable of visions.

The subconscious is a store, a memory bank which contains every experience. The ultra-conscious is a processor of sorts. It takes all that stored data and literally violates it with permutations and combinations.
A chemical, DMT, is released when a child is born or when a person is about to die. DMT is a very strong hallucinogen. Also known as the ‘spirit molecule’, it is known to have made people have out of body experiences. I think it just taps into one’s ultra-conscious. These hallucinations, every hallucination, is a visual appearance of what combinations your ultra-conscious has made. Dreams are hallucinations of sorts.
Coming back to death and out of body experiences. A living human being has no idea what death is like- or does he?

People change after major surgeries claim to have ‘seen’ the truth. They claim to have been floating in the air, looking down at the surgeons operating on their body, which is lying there, unmoving, on the operation table. They say they were suspended in darkness and saw a light in the distance. In some cases, a voice even spoke to them, telling them about all that they have done wrong in their life. People change drastically; some become religious, some become humanitarian, but they all change for the better. Does it actually happen? No.

The patient’s mind convinces itself that it is most certainly about to die. The brain releases DMT, allowing the person to hallucinate freely. Why then, doesn’t the person have a normal everyday dream (dreams are hallucinations of sorts)? Why do they have a ‘near-death’ experience? Quite simply because their thoughts before the sedatives kicked in were about the possibility of nearing death, or dying altogether. So their mind portrays their image of what death is like, their image of what an out of body experience is like. Humans will never know for sure what death is like but their ultra-conscious will have thought about what it may be like. So they view their own projection of what their ultra-conscious though was death and say it was a supernatural experience. It may seem totally alien to them, never having come across anything like that, thus making them feel that all of it was indeed real. It seems that way, however, only because neither their conscious nor subconscious had seen anything like that or had any inclination of what it may be. The conscious and subconscious are based on reality. The real distortion of reality happens in the ultra-conscious. This is what leads people to believe that their near-death experience was indeed real.

Convincing? Not just yet. Questions still remain unanswered. Why, after a near-death experience, do people change for the better, why do they rush towards religion or being good, who was the voice that spoke to them? Be it believers or atheists, everyone changes for the better.

Since childhood, every single human being goes through the clich├ęd war between good and evil. Overexposure and choices throughout one’s life gives quite a refined sense of the difference between good and evil to a person. This is one of the most fundamental of human thoughts, almost primal instinct to know what’s right and what’s wrong. This fundamental thought gets magnified manifold when a person is having a so-called ‘near-death experience’. The voice that people hear may be their inner self quite literally speaking to them. They can not physically hear the voice of course, but their brain perceives it to be so. Keep in mind; the conscious and subconscious have no idea whatsoever what the ultra-conscious is doing at any point in time. The ultra-conscious is like an external source in the eyes of the brain. The process is so convincing and realistic, that people are literally terrified into being ‘good’.

The ultra-conscious is a force not to be fought with. Who knows, you might even manage to convince yourself that you are indeed dead and as a result you may never wake up- just lying there- in an eternal coma.

Note: this is just a theory formulated by me to make things simpler to understand for ME. This is not meant to impose my views on you or to discredit any other views anyone may have.